The Top 6 Biggest English Premier League Clubs On Facebook

Almost everyone  is on Facebook these days and it appears that many EPL football clubs use Facebook as a way of interaction with fans. Today, we have collected official club fan pages of the 6 teams in the English Premier League and you can say that the results aren’t surprising with regards to the most followed pages.  A huge number of people support Manchester United!

  1. Manchester United ( 11,883,239 Fans )
  2. Liverpool – ( 5,134,174 Fans )
  3. Arsenal – ( 5,127,196 Fans )
  4. Chelsea – ( 4,749,241 Fans )
  5. Tottenham – ( 499,383 Fans)
  6. Man City – ( 493,012 Fans )

It is often said that Manchester United are the biggest club in the world, let alone the Premier League, and I guess you could say that these stats kind of prove that.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United were by far and away the leaders with more than 11 million fans, which is more than twice as many as Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, who are the second, third and fourth most liked official English Premier League club fan pages respectively.

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  1. Mark Truong says:

    glory glory man united~! the rest can suck it! cept tottenham ;)

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