The Real Meaning Of Certain Facebook Status Updates

When it comes to social networks, Facebook needs no introduction. With more than 10 billion status updates per month, it’s undoubtedly the most used socializing platform on the Internet!

Those status updates contain everything from quotes, philosophy, anger, frustration to adventure, jokes, riddles, questions directed towards friends etc. But have you ever wondered the real meaning behind such statuses? Below is a picture which analyses certain types of statuses:

Let us know of your thinking on other statuses in the comments below! We’re eager to read them. :)


  1. Christie says:

    “just hit the gym, what a workout”

    tends to say to me…. “just got a membership and now trying to convince the world I’m an athlete.

    ‘RIP Grandma’
    comment-”We’re praying for you”

    …saying you’re praying via facebook is the lazy man’s excuse as if you are there to help and a gets you out of mailing a card,a phone call, going to funeral or making a caserol.


    I love celebrity news updates. like you were there or have inside connections to report to the world.


    “raining again darn it’

    so…. you normally spend your days out doors and the little rain is now stopping you from doing what? oh… announcing your excuse to sit on your butt another day.


    ‘copy and paste this if…..’

    your notification is not curing cancer or reducing child abuse… I always want to ask what charity they support.


    ‘Cute things my kid says…’


    stop trying to convince people. glad you have a mom on facebook to guarentee at least one ‘like’
    and besides… my kid is SO much cuter than yours


    Dad dies 14 years ago, but every oppertunity or holiday we need the reminder of your loss. Well listen up… Everyone has suffered loss, and if not… it is coming. It sucks, but cummon. enough is enough.


    people who use ‘status shuffle’…

    ‘wish I had my own real sence of humour, but nice that I can steal these and get people to think I’m the clever mind behind the funny.’

    and one more thing …
    you are not really so hot in that bikini, duck lips are never sexy, if you’re a mom your kid’s friends don’t think you’re cool, guys don’t appreciate ‘love songs’ posted on their walls…..
    stop…just stop

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