Life Of A Student [In Pictures] – Extremely Funny

Living a student life has it’s own adventures. If you go to or have been to a college/school/university, chances are high that you have been through each and every phase of student life like acing/failing the exams, winning/loosing competitions, earning that praise from the teacher or getting scolded over that silly thing that you did.

Below are a series of animated pictures that might look familiar to you. Have a look:

1. Before Semester Starts

2. After the First Week of Semester


3. After the Second Week

4. Before the Midterms

5. During the Midterms

6. After the Midterms

7. Before the Exams

8. After Getting Familiarized with the Exam Topics

9. Seven (7) Days to Exam

10. Six (6) Days to Exam

11. Five (5) Days to Exam

12. Four (4) Days to Exam

13. Three (3) Days to Exam

14. Two (2) Days to Exam

15. One (1) Day to Exam

16. The Night Before Exam

17. One (1) Hour before the Exam

18. During the Exam

19. After Exiting the Examination Hall

20. During the Breaks After Exams


So, did you relive your student life after seeing these pictures? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Mark Truong says:

    so true lolz

  2. its real i love it very much

  3. true it happen

  4. true life

  5. Khalil Saim says:

    Dark dream

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